Greetings friends! I am Shannon, a community igniter and happiness alchemist dedicated to encouraging others to live a life of passion and purpose. Through movement, meditation, laughter, and sunshine, I aim to love myself more today than I did yesterday. Whether at my home in the frozen north, or soaking up some Vitamin D in the tropics, I aim to be the ambassador of awesome that inspires infectious joy to spread to the masses.


We make our community feel heard and supported with a dash of laughter and fun. I am so excited to serve you by sharing nuggets of wisdom to help bring out that shining goddess that you are.

Our empowerment comes from being a part of your success. Better together. Growing always in all ways. So let's capitalize on your power and elevate the awesome that you already create.

Let's great ready to make you feel loved, feel respected, and feel excited to be a part of something magnificent.

When you have a moment, please shoot me a message. I'd love to know where you most desire support and connection in your life right now. So excited to serve, and to thrive with you!

And don't keep this a secret between us. Share the love with your friends! xo