Greetings friends! I am Shannon, a community igniter and happiness alchemist dedicated to encouraging others to live a life of passion and purpose. Through movement, meditation, laughter, and sunshine, I aim to love myself more today than I did yesterday. Whether at my home in the frozen north, or soaking up some Vitamin D in the tropics, I aim to be the ambassador of awesome that inspires infectious joy to spread to the masses.


Boasting over twenty years of administrative support and virtual assistant roles (please don't do the math!), we make our clients feel heard and supported with a dash of laughter and fun. We enthusiastically solve your organizational and growth problems with a strategic combination of detail-orientated tasks and creativity. 

While we entertain working with clients from every sector, we align best with health and wellness organizations run by empathetic and heart-centric individuals. 

Our empowerment comes from being a part of your success. We take on more of the seemingly mundane and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on what you do best. So let's capitalize on that people-pleaser trait and elevate the awesome that you already create.

We'd love to discuss your needs. Check out our social media-focused packages, or reach out if you have a different scope in mind.

We are ready to serve and look forward to working with you!