An attitude of gratitude on Turkey Day

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. For me, it was a whirlwind weekend of family adventures filled with smiles, laughter, food, and love. I do aim to practice a daily "attitude of gratitude" and figured there was no better day to share with you some of the ways I am grateful.

I am thankful for my two amazing sons who adore me unconditionally and have taught me more about life, love, and what truly matters, than I could have ever learned on my own.

I am thankful for my family who support me to reach for the stars and who give me that occasional kick in rear when I need to come back down to earth.

I am thankful for my inner circle of friends who urge me to laugh, to be silly, to cry, and to grow. Life is so much more colourful with you in my corner.

I am thankful for a formerly ugly disease that has taught me to heal myself with whole food and proper self-care.

I am thankful for my passion of life which drives my career, my relationships, my actions, and my existence on this planet.

I am thankful for my body which allows me to dance, run, bike, practice yoga, and which tells me when to take a break.

I am thankful for my optimism and my ability to spread positive energy and sunshine to those who need it.

While I could go on for days, I will leave you with one last thought: I am thankful for all of YOU who take time out of your busy lives to read my thoughts and encourage me to share more.