Inspiration as a Snooping Neighbour

What a day!! Today was one of incredible memories, education, and family bonding. The kids and I ventured out on a Yard + Home walking tour with The Better Good. We ventured out to eight homes who are living a sustainable lifestyle through urban homesteading, raising backyard chickens, intensive gardens, solar homes that produce their own heat and electricity, and permaculture design in action. The boys and I were on information overload and in the end I really felt like just bulldozing my home and starting from scratch.


Don't worry, I won't get too carried away... not this year, anyway. I do plan on digging up the bulk of my yard next year to grow our own food. They helped me to capture the day via photo and even took some notes for me when I could not record it all fast enough. Aiden is hoping we can install solar panels on the roof and Ethan is itching to get some chickens. Oh what fun we will have!


For more information on all things permaculture in Saskatoon, please visit the Permaculture Research Institute of Saskatchewan. Have you got any resources or tips to share?