stop, children / what's that sound / everybody look what's goin' down

I think there comes a time in every person's life when they need to just stop. Stop everything they are doing. Break the routines. Break the cycle of normal. And just BE.

Such was my lesson on Saturday when I was having a very off day. I was dealing with some inner chaos and not liking the resulting outward reactions to the events of my day. I had an overall sense of anger, confusion and feeling very overwhelmed. It is not like me to hold onto negative emotions for any period of time, but I knew I was purposely put in that place as there was something I needed to experience from it.

I felt the tug to head to the Broadway Street Fair and Instead of continuing on with the jam-packed over-scheduled day that I had on the books, I decided to bless & release any guilt that I felt and found a patch of grass where I spent the next hour and a half to appreciate the beautiful day. I found much of the healing I craved through the insanely talented vocal stylings of Phoenix Lauren & the Strength. A magical connection followed with an acquaintance who was quickly transferred into my inner circle of powerful beings, and I decided at that moment to seize the day and just let it take me where I was intended to go.

I awoke today renewed, reenergized and ready. Today's bliss came in waves of abundance with the Om Me Home festivities, playtime with some crazy banana friends, a moving talk by Jason Roberts of The Better Block (see video below!), and capped off with DrinkleFest. I could go on for pages about every detail of intense awesome that I squeezed of out last night and this day but I am purposely holding back to keep those special moments sacred for those of us who were there living them.

Highlight of the weekend? Connecting with my tribe; community-minded people with huge vision and even bigger hearts, aching to create positive change here at home. Our future is so very bright and we have only just begun...