My Journey at Day 21

And the journey continues... Tonight the group of 30-Day Anti-inflammatory challengers were scheduled to regroup and discuss our results, discoveries, and questions to date. The turnout was quite low, but what resulted was a powerful meeting of the minds where we were able to share freely and really delve into our finding and challenges these past three weeks.

For me, the physical activity and food have been a no-brainer. I really didn't have to make many adjustments to my current lifestyle. Where I have struggled is being able to create a stronger (and more consistent) spiritual connection, and to let go of my competitive nature.

While already contemplating these two areas of my life and the choices that lie within them, I came across a fantastic recording from this summer's Teen Experience held in Oklahoma by one of my mentors, Keith Kochner. The following questions were given to the teens and I felt it very fitting to share as they really resonate with my journey:

1) What is your response going to be to failure?
2) Who do you want to be?
3) Are you going to show us how great you are?
4) How hard of a hit can you to take and still move forward?
5) Are you going to resort to blaming others or things for your lack of ability to do something?
6) Are you willing to fight for every inch that will lead you closer to your dream?


Let those questions resonate with you a while. You might be surprised at your responses. Want to learn more about the Mentorship Mastery Teen Experience? Check it out!