Winter Fitness - let's get those bodies moving!


After an unseasonably warm and dry start to November, winter has finally arrived in Saskatchewan. This is typically the time of year when many of us retreat into the warmth of our homes and hibernate until spring. Well not this this year, my friends!

I am taking a big leap out of my comfort zone and am making headway to become a winter cyclist this year. I’ve got studded tires for my mountain bike, and I am slowly assembling the necessary gear for riding in -30 degree weather. I will definitely keep you updated on my successes and fumbles braving the cold on two wheels.

I want to encourage you all to do something this winter to improve your fitness. Something that gets your heart pumping and challenges your skill or comfort level while taking in a little fresh air at the same time. Running? Walking? Snowshoeing? It’s all good.

We’ve got just over one month left in 2014, so let’s head out with a bang. Need something organized to make it happen for you? Check out the FREE challenge that my sister Janice, with Centerfit Personal Training, is doing with her clients. I have signed up and wanted to figure out my “baseline” so I wore a pedometer all day yesterday. End of day tally… 8,500 steps. Not too shabby!

Tell me what you plan to do in the comments below.


Sitting is the New Smoking
So I Challenge You to MOVE!
Can you log 10,000 steps/day for 3 weeks straight!?


This is our End of the Year Challenge. Why? Well first off because why should you wait for January to start making a change? And secondly because research is showing that we are all sitting on our butts too much. Extended sitting slows the body’s metabolism.

Reading this you may be thinking you are an active individual. You probably go to the gym a few times a week, you ski on the weekends and maybe you go to a spin class or two. But what are you doing for the rest of the day?

This is why I am challenging you all to move, to monitor yourself and to ensure you are getting 10,000 steps per day. You might be quite surprised with the results.

So starting on December 1st your goal is to get a minimum of 10,000 steps/day for 3 weeks straight!

If you want to take part in the challenge email Janice to register by Friday, November 28th. She will send you the challenge details and the info you need in order to log your steps!