A New Year - Hello 2016!


Here we are at the dawn of a new year. A time when gyms are overflowing with well-meaning newbies. An overexcited age of diets. Of body shaming. Of scarcity. Of restrictions. And of a desire (desperation?) for change.

Instead of resolutions, I am continuing my trend of setting an overall theme for what I want to accomplish in the coming 365 days. Here’s a recap of the past couple of years:

2014 – the year of “I Quit“.
2015 – the year of “small acts with big impact“.

Seemingly strange themes at the outset, however they proved to be some of the most powerful intentions I have created to date. Through this process I was able to release much of what no longer was serving me. Areas where I acted out of a sense of obligation rather than enjoyment (for example – certain health coaching clients, a former board position, and updating this blog! haha).

Within the space I created by quitting, I was then able to spend more energy rediscovering what made me truly happy. Through this process, my 2015 theme shifted to become the year of falling in love with my life.

              My youngest son loves it too!

              My youngest son loves it too!

This past spring marked my triumphant return to social dancing – most notably Lindy Hop. With that, I also got back into travelling for dance, heading to Alberta roughly once per month to refuel and recharge my soul in a thriving dance scene.

I experimented with food, became obsessive about cycling, developed a guided meditation practice, and discovered a newfound love of acro yoga. These all created powerful connections with friends – new & old. I also began the process of decluttering my home to feel lighter; making room for more blessings.

Enter 2016 – The year of “More. Better. Different.

More of the activities I love. More time spent with the people who lift me up and challenge me to be a better person. And to continually pursue new and different avenues that stretch me outside of my comfort level.

So now what about you? To all those setting resolutions or goals for this new year, I encourage you to fall in love with yourself and with your life. Approach change with an attitude of gratitude and abundance. And make 2016 your best year yet! xo