A juicy time in Montreal

I recently had the extreme pleasure of attending the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC, or "juicy", for short). This was a platform to connect and collaborate with coworking space owners, fellow community managers, those thinking of opening spaces, and cool cats like you all who utilize coworking spaces.

Ah Montreal.... in my opinion there is truly no Canadian city as magical. It just oozes art, culture, and life. It didn't hurt that I was also experiencing summer temps while the rest of you suckers were stuck in blizzard-ville (#sorrynotsorry).


Aside from the beautiful scenery and amazing weather, a major highlight of this adventure was my sweet accommodations. Since we are all abut the sharing economy working in a coworking space, one of the sponsors scored a major win on Airbnb and chose to set up a co-living arrangement. I think the sea life looks good on me, non?


I was honoured to represent Saskatchewan on a Coworking Coast-to-Coast panel discussion. I was so eager to brag about how amazing you all are. It was very interesting to learn more about the successes and challenges other spaces face in comparison to our home here. I said some stuff. People smiled. It was good.

Spaces represented here: BC, AB, SK, ON & QC

Spaces represented here: BC, AB, SK, ON & QC

On a personal level, it was so fabulous to meet others in my tribe - people who truly understand the pressures of the job, the high rate of community manager burn out, and the greatest mystery of our time, "Where the heck do all the forks go?!". 

Between the unconference sessions, personal connections, and tours of local coworking spaces, I came home so inspired. I am incredibly motivated, with an renewed sense of enthusiasm, to test-drive much of what I have learned here in our community. Specifics to come... this post is already getting too long!

My biggest takeaway? Our community kicks ass. When listening to many of the challenges our friends across the country (and in the US) face, it just made me so much more grateful for the amazing community we have here. Together we are better!