Do you even self-care, bro?

Prior to heading to Mexico, I joked that I spend so much of my day ensuring all of the members of our coworking community were taken care of, that I felt I was neglecting the one member currently working remotely in Mexico. So it was only fair that I hop on a plane to personally check in with Lynette. Just to ensure she is happy. Seems legit, right?


The truth is, I was being forced to take some vacation time for my own sanity (and by extension, the betterment of our community as a result). My self-care has been compromised these past few months, and with that, so was my health.

There is not much that a week of warm sunshine, ocean waves, and amazing meals cannot fix. I always feel at my best when travelling. Taking a break from "real life" to focus on me. To dream, to explore, and to grow.

Enter Copal Retreat in Paamul, Mexico; one of my favourite places on earth. In my eyes, this place is nothing short of magic. And for the second year in a row, provided me with the healing that my body and soul so desperately craved.


Now, I am back and ready to take on the world!

What do you do to slow down and be present with yourself? Whether it is as extravagant as hopping on a plane, or as simple as a decadent piece of chocolate... you deserve it. For you.