Productivity, with a twist

Lately, I have been brainstorming ways to increase productivity and focus. This became even more important when a few unexpected roadblocks tried to sabotage my great intentions.

As I started pondering the topic and compiling my list, I decided to take the inside voice external and ramble on to whoever was near in my coworking space (and let's be honest... if you are near me, you will likely be forced to listen to my stories *cue enthusiasm!*). As usually happens with this kind of experiment, some really fantastic conversations began to take shape.

Strengthening community and leveraging the learning, for the win!

What really fascinated me was that through the in-person conversations, as well as those submitted electronically, almost all the feedback focused on mental health and self-care. 

How silly of me, when that is the primary focus of my being, to expect anything different?


I'm going to save some of my techy stuff and life hacks for a later post. In the meantime, here's what is currently working for me for kicking ass in my day-to-day:

Morning: No social media first thing in the day. Instead, I do a 15-min guided meditation with Headspace, followed by 5 min or so of journalling where I also set my top 3 goals of the day. This helps me start the day with a clear focus on where to spend my energy. 'Cause who doesn't love the dopamine hit from crossing stuff off a list?!

Afternoon: I use the noon hour to be active. Gym, yoga, or a walk or bike ride outdoors. This break from the computer screen and adding in movement (and fresh air!) revitalizes my ability to focus when I return to my tasks to complete the day.

Evening: No working! Learning to set those clear boundaries has been a long journey and one I am 95% successful at adhering to. Luckily, that extra 5% is usually because I am too darn excited about a project I am exploring, as opposed to feeling pressured to get shit done. Evenings (and Sundays!) have become my time to unwind or for spending time with friends, family, or my hunky B. Before bed, I often read and will always do another 10-min guided meditation. And then I CRUSH SLEEP. Yep, 8.5 hours a night is my jam. And it is so goooood.


So, I figured I should take this conversation to YOU. Whether it is from a mindfulness angle, or on the technology side, what are your top apps, podcasts, books, or life hacks to increase your focus and productivity? Let's keep levelling up together.

Share your thoughts and questions below!