Top 5 FREE tools for Instagram

Are you looking for some apps or websites to help you pull ahead in the Instagram game? Like things that are free? (Mmmm yes... free is my most favourite price

Here's a quick list of some of my favourite tools out there: 


1. Linktree - you have only one link available to you on your Instagram profile. Linktree is a great hack which gives you five links to then list your offers, blogs, contact info, whatever you want in one convenient package. 

I no longer use Linktree as I have created a similar mockup as a page on my website. If you don't know how to do this, or just don't feel like doing extra coding, then stick with the freebie option.



2. Planoly* - I've got nothing but mad love for this great and easy-to-use app. It helps you to plan out your grid in advance as well as to moderate and respond to comments. 

It also includes analytics to help you track changes in your followers and numbers of comments & likes. If you have a business account you can schedule posts directly to Instagram. For personal accounts, the app will send you a notification when it is time to publish.

*Contains referral link. I may receive a bucket of pennies if you upgrade to the paid version




3. VSCO - If you are looking for a way to have a similar feel for all of your Instagram images regardless of the colour scheme and lighting in which they were captured, then VSCO is a fantastic option. You can easily edit photos and find your ideal filter to create consistency in your images. Whether you choose a preset or create your own adjustments, this app is a snap! 





4. Smartmockups - this is the dream website I use to generate these sweet iPhone images. Drag and drop the screenshot of your choice to a variety of layout options. You can also use this site for print and apparel too. Want a matching shirt with your IG or website pics? They can do that! (okay, please don't mass produce swag... unless you are sending samples for my enjoyment too)


5. Display Purposes - this website is great for helping you come up with related hashtags. It does not tell you, numerically, how popular a hashtag is (as it was designed for Instagram specifically) however it is a great resource to quickly come up with a pile of great options to choose from. In combination with searching tags on Instagram, this can produce really powerful results.

You can quickly create several word clouds of hashtags for your most posted topics (which can be stored in Planoly if you choose. A good 'ole 1-2 punch!).

Have you tried any of these apps or websites? Do you have any other go to's to share with the group? Please drop your insights into the comments below! 

Happy posting. xo