Living in the Cloud

Earlier this month, my home was broken into and my laptop was stolen (among many other things). Obviously not an ideal situation, however it did inspire a new blog post for you. So... enjoy a little learning as a result of my hardship ;)


Calendar and Project Management

G-Suite, TeamWork, Trello, and Todoist basically run my life, and luckily all are online or cloud-based apps. No need to cry over anything here. Phew!



I know, I know. Back your shit up. This is not the first time I have suffered the death or loss of a laptop. I do have a removable hard drive, however its usefulness is dependent on regular backups and syncing. I lost about 2 weeks of photos, most of which were luckily still on my phone. Learn from my mistakes... Google Photos, Apple iCloud, and Dropbox are all great options.



Okay, this is a biggie. With clients and my own business' bookkeeping, I am a big fan of Quickbooks Online (QBO). However for my personal banking, I was still using some antiquated software I purchased nearly 10 years ago. Why? No clue. Perhaps because change is hard? In any case, I also lost a couple weeks of data here. With the ability to sync bank accounts, it was luckily fairly easy to recover, but an unnecessary time waster that could have been avoided had I been using QBO for everything.

Want to give QBO a try for free?? They have this great (and free) online course called Startup Foundations. Once you have successfully completed the course, you will be gifted with a complimentary one-year trial to QBO - $325 CDN value. #winning

Alternatively, we'd be happy to take care of your bookkeeping needs. Reach out to discuss the scope of your project and request a quote. We're here to help!


What are some of your favourite ways to back up your important documents, cat photos, or reminders? Share your must-haves in the comments below. And be safe out there!