Instagram Stories and Highlight Covers

Instagram Stories is about moments. Where you can share all those silly/insightful/exciting (but often not so photogenic) moments and keep your feed (aka online magazine) a curated representation of your brand.

My stories are most often a collection of dancing, food, silly adventures with friends, and travel. Very rarely do I post about business (sales pitches, or otherwise) - but that is just me. I find my followers prefer to get to know the "real me" and they care less about what I do to make the big bucks (it's all legal, I assure you!)

Drive traffic to new blog posts

Drive traffic to new blog posts

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Highlight new IG posts

Highlight new IG posts

First off, are you even using Instagram Stories? This fab feature, inspired from Snapchat, was introduced in August 2016 and has been totally blowing up over the past year. Especially with the platform upgrade in December 2017 where your stories are now saved for all eternity on your IG archive, instead of disappearing forever after 24 hours.

With that change, also came the option to highlight moments below your instagram bio, grouped in any way you so choose. I had "create story highlight covers" on my To Do list for AGES. And this past week, I finally pulled the trigger and got that shit done. You see, I am awesome at staying on top of my clients' work however not always as good at putting my own ideas/tasks higher up on the priority pile. With a little graphic design magic (which is so NOT my forte... yet even I managed to handle it), I created cover pages for my highlight groups branded with my logo colour. 


Want to do the same? The first step is creating your cover photos. If you are not comfortable using a program like Photoshop, I recommend Canva. You can quickly make a free account, and it is incredibly user friendly. Or just enlist the services of our team! ;)

Once your covers are ready to rock, here’s a step-by-step on getting those bad boys shining proudly on your instagram profile.


Step 1:

From your profile, tap the “+” button to make a new Instagram story highlight. This will take you to your Instagram archive, where you can see all of your past story photos and videos.

NOTE: You can only add images to your highlights if they have previously been posted to your IG story. This applies to your covers too. So be sure to upload those gems first!


Step 2:

Choose which of your stories you want in this highlight by tapping the circle in the bottom-right corner of the image, and click “Next” in the top right corner of your screen.


Step 3:

Choose a name for your Highlight. From here, you can tap “Edit Cover” to choose the featured photo to show up on your profile.

If you don’t want to use custom covers, you can simply click Add in the upper right corner.


Step 4:

Enjoy your fancy new Instagram highlights. Create, post, add, and engage.

Congratulations! Let us know how you made out. Or, drop us a line if you need a hand. We’ve got you, boo.