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You’re awesome at what you do, and you love it. That’s why you do it. I’m awesome at what I do, and I certainly love it too. So I am proposing that we be awesome together. #putaringonitalready

I am the missing piece that you’ve been craving to level up in your business. So let’s join forces and make some beautiful magical unicorn babies (results may differ… while I definitely guarantee the quality of my work, I unfortunately cannot guarantee unicorns).

Seriously though...

What could you achieve if you had more time? Or more focus within your day?

What if you had so many new clients trying to register for your retreat, or your class, or to buy your product that you had to turn people away? That would be pretty awesome, right? An amazing problem to have.

Whether it’s handling your social media to attract that ideal client you’ve been dreaming about, ramping up your client experience, writing that blog post you’ve been meeting to get around to for the last two years, refreshing that website that looks like it was built in 1997, creating a winning newsletter, or crafting that perfect opt-in that converts, I’m here to create a little more zen and a little more energy in your life and your business. Or perhaps even an infinite amount of each… see what I did there? (and yes, the eye rolls are free of charge)

I am ridiculously organized, nauseatingly peppy, and exactly that injection of life that your business needs so you can breathe a little easier.

Community is my jam. Positivity is what I do best. Let’s collaborate and make your tribe feel loved, feel respected, and feel excited to be a part of something magnificent. xo

Invest in your peace of mind. Then watch the magic happen. What are you waiting for?


Social Media Growth
Social Media is our jam. Content creation, engagement, working with influencers. We show the world why you're the best.


Never at a loss for words, we love to provide editing services, regular blog posts, and email newsletters in your voice.


We count your pennies so you don't have to. Meticulous recording keeping is key to keep the auditors off your back.

 Web Design

Web Design
Your website is often the first place potential customers find you. E-commerce, landing pages, SEO. We do it!


Community Management
Customer service is king! Let us wow your clients with top-notch communication and speedy turn-around time.


Project Management
From basic administration to larger scale events, we keep you organized and on top of your tasks to ensure success.


Grow Your
Social Tribe


Renews monthly. CAD

  • Instagram facelift
  • Content calendar
  • 20 branded posts



Renews monthly. CAD

  • Tribe plan PLUS
  • Posts scheduled/published for you
  • Targeted audience building
  • High-level engagement
  • Analytics reporting
Most popular



Renews monthly. CAD

  • Influence Plan PLUS
  • 1 blog post
  • E-newsletter
  • Website maintenance
  • Opt-in campaign + nurture sequence

Do you have a one-off project or desire a monthly retainer with different bells & whistles?
Give me a shout and I'd be happy to provide you with a quote.

Shannon has worked with my company for over 2 years. What began as an junior role quickly evolved to more responsibilities. Mostly because Shannon is AMAZING. She’s a huge asset to the team. She brings a diverse skill set (organization, marketing, project management) and beautiful team attitude. I highly recommend her and am honored to know her.
— Margaret Brown, SocializeLA

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